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Instead of wasting time researching social media pages, review sites, and websites,
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Access social pages

Explore the venue’s social pages without having to leave the app.

Easily book it

Contact the restaurant or hotel directly through the app, or use their chosen booking tools.

Find relevant rewards

Gain Creds Points when you review venues or service staff so you can bank or redeem them at participating venues.

Quickly check reviews

See how fellow CredsClub users have rated the venue.

Search for a great place

Type the location and see what’s listed in the area (e.g. foodie restaurant Mayfair).

Share with friends

Easily and quickly share your favourite venues with friends and family.

Search For A Great Restaurant Or Hotel

Search whatever you feel like at the moment for dinner, drinks or a special meal out. Here I’m looking for a cool cocktail bar in Soho.

Check Reviews

Before deciding on a restaurant or hotel, check how CredsClub users have rated it.

Check Rewards

After reviewing locations and employees, you will start accumulating Creds points, which can be redeemed at participating venues. The more feedback you give, the more points you accumulate.

Share and Mark as Favourites

Planning to meet friends this weekend for dinner?

‘Favourite’ places to add to your personal library and quickly share them with friends to jointly decide where to go.

Review The Place And The Employee

We find that great service does not get recognised. Here, you can review service staff, as well as the venue you’re in. Share the love!

Spend less time searching for the perfect place,
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